Café des Amis - A Romantic Setting for our Anniversary Eating Out

Our second anniversary indeed called for celebration and my man did not leave any stone unturned to make it remarkable in every way. He took a day off from work so that we could spend the entire day together. He took me to Café des Amis, a family-run bistro in Parkville, almost a boutique restaurant serving French cuisine. We went there for lunch and were welcomed very warmly by the server.

We chose to sit in a corner, by the large window. I was already loving the sun peeping through the beautiful lace curtains.

As we glanced through the menu, a loaf of homemade bread with lavender butter made its way to the table.

The server took our orders for appetizers and drinks. We both opted for red wine, I went for the lighter Merlot, and hubby chose Malbec a bit stronger one.

The menu was short and sweet if I may say so. But the restaurant has an extensive list of French wines to choose from.

For appetizers we had Soupé de Jour (soup of the day), which was a cream of mushroom soup and Paté Maison, chef- made paté with french black truffle.
The soup was creamy, dense and flavourful.

The paté was a true delicacy.

It was served with cornichons, onion and garlic confit. When assembled together on a slice of bread, it was scrumptious. My hubby remarked it felt like an opera in your mouth.

For our main course, we both chose not to have meat as the appetizers were quite heavy. I ordered Coquilles St. Jacques au Gratin, sliced scallops sauteed with mushroom in sherry wine and bechamel sauce, lightly breaded and baked. The presentation was nice as the scallop was served in its own shell.

Hubby had Truite aux Amandes, trout fillet with sauteed almonds in white wine, lemon and butter sauce.

Both were served with fresh greens on the side. And did I mention that the bread loafs kept coming as we rolled through our lunch and it was complementary.

For dessert the man ordered Soufflé au Chocolat, chocolate souffle which came with vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce and berries.

I had Baba à la Praline, sponge cake infused with dark rum and praline cream.

The desserts did not taste too impressive but decent enough to finish off the meal. The portion sizes were standard for every course. But the star of the show was definitely the paté and the ambiance. The artistic decor, photos and paintings featuring streets of Paris, all added to the experience.

The restuarant also has an option to dine at the patio but it was extremely windy that day to sit outside.

Moreover, the quaint town of Parkville is an amazing backdrop with the Missouri river just down the street.

We had a very nice time and would love to go back again and this time may be for dinner on a summer night out in the patio.

This is not a sponsered post, the opinions are completely my own and the bill was entirely paid by us.


  1. You have described a lovely day spent wonderfully ! best wishes!

  2. Some of the best memories of a couple are not just the magic of their first Date, but the magic they create every time they go for a Date for the rest of their lives. Both of you showed it again... Happy anniversary and have a wonderful life...


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