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My Buffet Journey - Pardo's Mexican Buffet (Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City)

When our blog and related social media outlets were getting flooded with dieting, healthy recipes and other "good for you" stuff, I was getting verbally thrashed by my friends for being so out of my place. All who know me and my eating fixations, surely were in shock and most certainly disturbed by my apparent change. To the point that one of my friends even denied that he even knows me...just think. As if, Swakshar is on a diet feels like a penguin sunbathing in Bahamas. Come on guys, don't make it such an outlandish situation, it can happen.
Well, to be true I was dieting and it was fun. To detox and loose a few kilos (or pounds) was a welcome change for me and I might do it again. But now I am on a break from that and how? Nothing can be more apt than to binge on a lunch buffet. In the context of eating out, lunch buffet is like my pinnacle, like a floating paradise, don't laugh, it is. If you want to learn more about my love for buffet, refer to this previous po…

Recap of Seafood Soiree @ Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Zoo organised the fifth annual Seafood Soiree on Saturday April 22, 2017. It was an adult only event packed with amazing seafood, recipe demonstrations by premiere KC chefs, live music and full of useful information on sustainable seafood. As a food blogger and foodie I would be interested in anything related to food and spending a beautiful evening with some great company, but it came with a lot of other bonus points, the environmental cause in particular. So we were extremely excited to be a part of it. I know any food lover wouldn't want to miss it, yet if you were unable to make it to the event here are a few glimpses from the wonderful evening.

# Checking in @ Seafood  Soiree, Kansas City Zoo. A very warm welcome with White Wine Sangria was waiting for us. The sangria had a Swedish Fish wine candy in it, making it just the apt start to a seafood event.

# The perfect venue, Helzberg Penguin Plaza. Choosing sustainable seafood helps in conservation of ocean animals …