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Sunday Brunch Buffet at Pintsripes, Overland Park

One of the reasons most of us love weekends is because you don't have to wake up to the most irritating sound in the whole world. Yes, you and the snooze button are saved from the weekday torture of the alarm clock. And finally you wake up either hungry or with a hangover, too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. And now is the right time to thank whoever invented BRUNCH, and the restaurants who offer a brunch menu. To make things more awesome Pinstripes offers a Sunday brunch buffet. The people who follow our blog can imagine how excited my husband was to find this. Yes, the man is in love with buffets, and you should definitely read his posts about buffets in Kansas City to know how deep that love is. Here are the links to them, Mediterranean buffet at Jerusalem Bakery and Mexican buffet at Pardo's.

Therefore, even the snow and chill couldn't stop us from heading to Pinstripes, Overland Park last Sunday. We were very warmly greeted by our server Robert, who expla…

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