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Recap of 'But I Can't Give up Cheese'

That Friday was a little different from the regular weekend parties or events that we attend. On August 25th, we were at 'But I Can't Give up Cheese' event presented by Voice for Animals - Kansas City and VegLife Kansas City, showcasing a wide variety plant-based/vegan cheese. So, what were doing at a Vegan event, although we are not vegans? Well as a foodie and a food-blogger I am open to all kinds of food. And I am interested in being aware of anything related to food. Another reason for being a part of this event was my readers. I know that a certain amount of people who visit my blog are vegans, or trying to be. They often look for vegan alternatives in the recipes. Therefore, I wanted this event to be a learning experience for me, which I could share with you all in future.

Apart from all that was said above, who doesn't like cheese? Especially when it's kind of guilt-free as it is plant-based. And this event had a broader sense than just being for the Vegans…

Sweet and Spicy Deviled Eggs

Finger food or small bites are often the star of a party menu. There are several reasons why they are the crowd-puller. No matter what the occasion is, parties are meant for socializing. Be it a formal setting or a casual house-party one thing people would definitely do is talk. And you do not want to be occupied with being too attentive while shoving food in your mouth as you enjoy all that gossip. Thus, small bites are the perfect thing to nibble on while you sip on your drink and get all chatty with your friends.

Deviled Eggs are one such simple yet sophisticated route to take, making it very popular in any appetizer line-up. The creamy egg yolks are the perfect base to infuse flavors and the egg white is the perfect vehicle to carry it. And so it was the apt canvas for me to get creative and make these Sweet and Spicy Deviled Eggs. I wanted to infuse some Mexican flavors into the classic European version. And I was glad that the end product of this fusion did not create any confu…