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Gobbling up GM Diet (Day 1 of 7)

Yes, we are at 1 down and 6 more to go. For the next 7 days I would share our personal experience with GM diet and how we planned the meals for each day. Hence, I would refrain from providing elaborate general information on the diet, its benefits, its side effects, all of which you can easily Google.

Got questions?? I know. I would like to answer a few basic ones from a personal point of view and then tell you about how Day 1 went.


Well, it is not quite sudden. We have been planning it for some time. We wanted to shed off the sludge from the 'not so active' winter months and get ready for spring and summer.


Our principal goal was to detox, and this one takes good care of it. The diet mostly consists of fruits and vegetables, thus goes well with the season. Moreover, it gives more energy and less fat resulting in losing a few good pounds in a short time of one week (with a few simple exercises). I would happily take that.

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Krokstrom Klubb & Market - A Scandinavian Dinner Date

We celebrated our third wedding anniversary on the 17th of last month. It's been three years of living every moment, living the bond to its fullest as we cherish every little thing that connects us. I know the popular saying is opposites attract but what goes beyond attraction is like-mindedness. Its amazing to be on a never ending journey when you have the perfect companion. Each day there is something new to explore and experience in this big and beautiful world and that starts right at our doorsteps.
As you might know already, that one of many such things that we love doing together is exploring different kinds of food from all over the world. And we got to do it again on our special day at Krokstrom Klubb & Market where Chef Katee McLean traces back her Swedish roots and presents her take on traditional Scandinavian delicacies.

It was a busy Friday night at this restaurant, but we were warmly greeted by our server Hanna. She offered us help to go through the menu as some …