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Drink, Dine, Vote, Shop @ Foodie Chick Event on July 22

Hey KC friends and foodies! Are you ready for an innovative and exciting way to explore the local food scene of Kansas City area? Then save the date for Foodie Chick Event on Saturday, July 22nd. It is the latest concept brought to you by Chick Events. You will enjoy an eventful summer evening feasting on top restaurant bites, local KC wine, craft beer and coffee. Moreover, you can vote for your favorites and guess what adds to the whole experience? You can SHOP! The marketplace will be filled with artisan food and food/drink/ entertaining product vendors.

This inaugural event will take place on the streets of Park Place for a tasting & shopping experience unlike any other for all foodies. Plan a perfect date night or girls night out or a family foodie time at this place.


Meet local KC wine makers! Sample and vote for the "best red" and "best white" and sample other regional specialty wines from 6 local wineries including: Somerset Ridge Vineyard and Wine…

Chilli Pork - start of a new love affair

Growing up in a typical middle class Indian Bengali family can be gastronomically conservative. Our part of the world is overrun with various rivers, streams, lakes and ponds, thus fish is in abundance. So the protein part of our diet mostly consists of fish, occasional chicken and Sunday Special mutton, that's not lamb by the way, it is goat meat. Most of Indian subcontinent refers to goat meat as mutton. After we were 'old' enough to eat out with friends, the actual mutton, like the rest of the world, made it into our diet. So, how did the love affair start with pork? Well it took a journey across the planet and of course, the influence of handsome Mr. Anthony Bourdain.
It is not like I never had pork while in India, I did for a few times. Once I tried bacon somewhere, on another instance it was steaming hot pork dumplings served by a dimly lit roadside joint. I didn’t reject the taste but definitely didn’t fully acquire it as well. Everything changed when I tasted my fir…

A Day at Denali National Park - Alaska Anecdotes (Day 4)

It is strange how something extraordinary happens when we are least expecting it. Even though we live in this highly advanced era of technology, we still have to leave certain things on destiny. A trip to Alaska is almost incomplete without getting a glance of  'The Great One' or Mt Denali, the highest peak of North America. But it is sheer matter of luck as the mountain is hidden behind a blanket of clouds most of the time. And it is very difficult to keep your hopes high when you just have one day to spend at Denali National Park due to a fully packed trip itinerary.

So, it was 3:30 a.m and we stepped out of our room prepared to check out of Mt McKinley Princess Wildness Lodge, Trapper Creek and leave for Denali National Park for the day. We had the least idea of the sight that was about to unfold in front of us. The sun had painted the mighty Mt Denali (erstwhile Mt McKinley) in golden-red and it made our day even before we headed towards the national park.

It is hard to d…