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Cucumber-Mint Raita (Yogurt Condiment)

Small and simple things are very important in life. Not only do they compliment the bigger things but also enhance their impressions. Even if we are satisfied with the bigger wins we often miss the smaller ones. The exact same logic applies to food. Some big and bold dishes often feel incomplete without the pairing of proper condiments, like pancakes are incomplete without syrup and tacos without salsa. One such indispensable thing with many a Indian dishes is Raita, yogurt based condiment/ dip. It is very popular as a side with Biryani, Pulao, Kabab and Paratha to name a few. There can be a lot of variations to it depending on individual preferences and seasonal availability of ingredients. Raita does not only tastes good and works as a palate cleanser but is also known to help with digestion. I make it too often as it is served along two of our favorite dishes, Biryani and Aalu Paratha (stuffed Indian flatbread). You can find my recipe for Aalu Paratha with video here.

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