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Chicken 65

As human beings we are naturally attracted to stories. Stories are the primary form of human entertainment. Stories fill the colors of our imaginations and become food for our thought. But when it comes to stories about food, they are few in number and not all are interesting. This dish however is one shining stand out. And at the vortex of all these stories is the perpetual curiosity that surrounds the number ‘65’. Why is there a number at the end? Why is the name of the dish not ending with something enticing like korma, kofta or masala? Or why is it not making an ode to a place where probably the dish has originated from like Lahori, Chettinad or Amritsari? From where does this unusual and uninteresting number like ‘65’ appear? No one would be able to tell you for sure. The only thing certain is that it originated in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Some would say it was created in 1965 and it took the name from the year. Some would suggest that the dish consists of 65 ingred…

Valentine's Day Special - Dulce Carrot Love Bites

Desserts are the best way to make my valentine happy. So I couldn't think of anything else when sharing a Valentine's Day special recipe. Well any meal is incomplete without some dessert to wrap it up and it's more so on the Day of love. Although we love that person everyday, some occasional sugarcoating is also welcome. So get ready to celebrate with these Love Bites and make some sweet memories with your sweetheart.

Dulce Carrot Love Bites


Carrots: 1 1/2 lb
Milk: 1 1/2 cup
Sweetened condensed milk: 1 can (14 oz)
Sugar: 1/4 cup
Ghee / Clarified butter: 5 tbsp
Cashews (roughly chopped): 1/2 cup
Raisins: 1/2 cup
Green Cardamoms: 6
Bay leaf: 1


High-neck pan with lid
Heart-shaped cookie cutter
Parchment paper
Rolling pin


Grate the carrots.

Heat ghee/ clarified butter in the pan and add the bay leaf and green cardamoms.

Then add the grated carrots. Saute and allow the carrots to sweat for 3 to 4 minutes.

Add the milk and mix eve…

Gobi Gul-Badam (Cauliflower with aromatic nutty glaze)

"What's in a name?" Well, I am sure the saying stands true for a person but how about food? Isn't it the first thing that makes you pause when scrolling down any menu. Isn't the feeling almost like that of love at first sight. Doesn't that happen to you? I am certain it does, if you are someone like me who likes to explore the realm of food, striving to find something unique. Whether the dish lives up to its first impression depends on several factors and sometimes things might go wrong and you end up saying "What's in a name?" But what happens when you know for sure that nothing can go wrong with the recipe because it hails from the most bona fide kitchen that exists, yes, mom's kitchen. One such tried and tested gems is Gobi Gul-Badam. The name is a play on words and I cannot resist the urge of interpreting and analyzing it as my 'student of literature' self gets occasionally awakened. It is quite simple actually if you are well-v…