Gobbling up GM Diet (Day 2 of 7)

Well, we are 2 down and 5 more to go. As we went to bed at the end of Day 1, I was almost dreaming of the first savory bite of the next day.

If you missed the post on Day 1 please click here.


1 POTATO, VEGETABLES and 8 to 10 glasses of WATER

You are allowed to have only one potato (baked/boiled) for breakfast. There is no limit to the amount of veggies that you can eat, either in raw/cooked form. But you cannot use oil to cook, or use in very sparingly if absolutely necessary. You can use salt (just enough) and any other herbs or spices to season the vegetables.

Let me now take you through our Day 2 meals.

BREAKFAST (8:30 am)

Potato (boiled): 1 - mashed and seasoned with salt, pepper and some parsley
Green beans (boiled): 1 serving - seasoned with salt and pepper

I think I have never been so happy to see some mashed potatoes on my plate and it tasted really good with the simple seasoning.

SNACK (11:00 am)

Bell pepper: 1

They say ' you eat with your eyes first' and I agree. Thus, decided to make my bell peppers look pretty.

LUNCH (1:00 pm)

Salad: 1 large bowl  - Lettuce, Cucumber, Cherry tomatoes, Red onions (home-pickled).

I can have that bowl of salad few days a week and not get bored. The pickled red onions really made the salad pop up. I simply seasoned it with some salt and pepper.


Veggie Happy Hour - Carrot: 1, Celery: 1 stick

I cut these veggies into batons and seasoned it with some lime juice. Since I was having veggies during the happy hour I pulled out a wine glass (not wine). No alcohol is allowed during GM diet.

DINNER (8:30 pm)

Cajun Veggie soup

Onion: 1/4 cup
Garlic: 4 cloves
Cabbage: 2 cups
Bell pepper: 1
Tomato: 1
Carrot: 2
Celery: 2 sticks

This soup was made with zero oil. I just chopped everything, added some homemade Cajun seasoning and threw them into my slow cooker with adequate water for a couple of hours. It was so tasty and easy to make that we will happily include it in our weeknight dinners even after the GM diet.


Day 2 was much better than day 1. The variety of meals and the relief from the too much sweet and fruitiness of previous day made it really enjoyable.

Stay tuned tomorrow for day 3.


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