Eat, Drink and Learn at Seafood Soiree on Saturday, April 22 @ Kansas City Zoo

Do you love seafood? Do you dig in for your share of shrimp cocktail, crab rangoon dip or smoked salmon whenever you get a chance? Will you be in or around Kansas City on Saturday, April 22? Then there is good news for you as Kansas City Zoo is organizing one of the coolest seafood events in KC on that day. This would be the fifth annual Seafood Soiree organized by them in collaboration with Seafood Watch to promote sustainable seafood. This could be a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day this year.

Nothing could sound better than spending an evening among the penguins in Helzberg Penguin Plaza, tasting delicious seafood, sipping on your drink, getting enlightened about sustainable seafood and supporting a great cause. Wait, there is more to it. There would be live music too by Calypso Bluz Tropical Steel Drum Duo. Even that doesn't end the list, there is more.

You may have dined at KC's best restaurants but how often do you get to watch the premiere chefs live in action? You could do that too in this event, as these chefs demonstrate delectable recipes and of course you get to taste their wonderful creations. Take a look at the amazing lineup of KC chefs for the event.

Kansas City's legendary Chef John Smith
Chef Theresia Ota and Chef Sheila Lucero of Jax Fish House
Chef Edward Cockman of Hy-vee
Chef Calvin Davis of Freshwater
Chef Carlos Falcon of Jarocho

Venue: Helzberg Penguin Plaza
Date: April 22, Saturday
Time: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
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Choosing sustainable seafood helps in conservation of animals such as sea lions and penguins. This event supports that cause and inspires to do our bit for the environment.

Tickets for this adults only event are $35 for FOTZ Members and $45 for non-FOTZ Members and include two drink tickets, savory seafood and live music. Click here to get your tickets.

Find the event on Facebook, click here.

This looks like the perfect event to be a part of, as foodies, cooking enthusiasts, music lovers and environment conscious individuals. Hope to see you there too.

Breather Bounty is official blogging partner for Seafood Soiree 2017.

Photograph by Kansas City Zoo.


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