Szechwan Mixed Noodles - Spicy Chinese One Pot Meal

Everyone hates boring food. But often we run out of dinner or lunch ideas as we are always running to keep up with our busy lives. Let's say, we have ideas, really exciting ones still it becomes impossible to apply them. Reason? No matter how fast we run, on most occasions, we end up running late. And thus doomed to bear with another boring meal. Well, I have some simple yet delicious one pot meal recipes up my sleeve to save me on such days and I would love to share them. This is one of my hubby's favorites and soon will be yours if you like to enjoy life with some spice. And to top it all it is healthy as it has a nice balance of protein, vegetables and starch, and you can always choose what to add or omit. Presenting, Szechwan Mixed Noodles... Taa... daa!

The Sichuan/ Szechwan/ Szechuan cuisine hails from the Sichuan province of China. It has become popular for its bold flavors, especially the unique flavor of szechwan pepper/ peppercorns. It is easily available in Asian grocery stores. So don't forget to stock up some next time you visit one. It's a real game changer. 

Szechwan Mixed Noodles

Servings: 4


Spaghetti: 1 lb pack (feel free to use noodles of your choice, preferably egg noodles)
Chicken: 1/2 lb (boneless, cut into small stripes or cubes)
Eggs: 2
Shrimps: 12 to 15 (medium sized, peeled)
Dry red chilies (whole): 6
Onions (sliced): 1 medium sized
Garlic (minced): 2 tbsp
Ginger (finely chopped): 1 tbsp
Bell peppers (sliced): 2 (choose any color you like)
Carrots (julienned): 2
Cabbage (julienned): 1 cup
Soy sauce: 4 tbsp
Vinegar: 2 tbsp
Szechwan pepper powder: 1 1/2 tbsp
Sugar: 1 tbsp
Green onions (finely chopped): 1/2 cup
Oil: 3 tbsp (choose any flavorless oil)
Salt to taste

Note: Do not use Olive oil for any Asian cooking, the flavors clash terribly.


Boil the noodles and keep it aside.

Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a work or a deep neck pan. Break the eggs into it and scramble. When cooked, keep them aside.

In the same pan heat 2 tbsp oil. Add dry red chilies, garlic, ginger and onions. Saute until the onions become translucent.

Now add the chicken and stir. Then add in the cabbage and carrots, followed by soy sauce and vinegar. Stir fry for a couple of minutes.

Next add the szechwan pepper powder, bell peppers, sugar and the shrimps and mix well.

Finally. add the noodles and salt to taste. Mix everything together for a couple of minutes.

Plate the noodles and garnish it with the scrambled eggs and spring onions.

Get surprised by how easy and wonderful it is.

Photographs by Swakshar Ghosh.


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