Blog Talk KC Workshops 2016: At Seasons 52 (January) and The Sundry (March)

It's been almost a year that I started blogging but I did not have any clue that there is so much more to it than just jotting down things I am passionate about. I had heard that people even make a good deal of money from their blogs. Seriously? How? And then there was me, with zero knowledge even on how to build a readership. Thus, 2015 just passed by beating around the bush. Then my friend Rwitabhadra who is also a full-time blogger at Journospeak introduced me to the amazing community of bloggers in Kansas City. I was so excited to meet my fellow bloggers for the first time. Soon I attended my first workshop by Blog Talk KC (brainchild of Mandy Williams Beyeler of Sugar Bee Crafts and Angela Muir of Handmade in the Heartland ). And as I write this post I have already attended another one organized by them. I know I am late in posting these recaps but I swear I got busy doing nothing but implementing things I learnt. And trust my words, I learnt a LOT! Therefore, the two-in-one post.

Workshop I

With Mandy, Angela and Rwitabhadra
P. C. Journospeak

LocationSeasons 52 at Country Club Plaza, Kansas City
Topic: How to Pump Up Pageviews, and drive traffic to your blog.
SpeakerMandy Williams Beyeler of Sugar Bee Crafts

I was so excited to meet my fellow bloggers and hear about all things blogging. Seasons 52 provided us with the beautiful private dinning area and also platters of their amazing flatbread.

Mandy had worked really hard on making this great PowerPoint presentation and to make sure everyone has a close look at it, she provided us with links to it. So, each one of us had it on our personal device, kudos to that idea! It was a 20 minute presentation loaded with information followed by an interactive question and answer session. The main pointers being, stellar content, regular posts, quality photographs, social media shares, revamping old posts. All these guidelines were so important for a new blogger like me, and those pageviews seemed an achievable goal now.

As the discussion went on, I sipped from my glass of Rose and was busy taking notes.

These events also provide for a great networking opportunity. I was happy to meet Lisa Murie of  Peridot Skies and Erin Barnes of Pretty, Polished, Perfect (both co-founders of The Blog Guild ) who sat right across the table. Now I am too a member of The Blog Guild and looking forward to the meetup in spring.

The splendid evening ended with desserts served in shot glasses. I went for the Chocolate and Raspberry Cup, which was decadent.

Blogging has so many sides to it that all questions can not be answered in one evening. Many of the attendees had Pinterst related queries which lead on to our next meetup.

Workshop II

P.C Journospeak

LocationThe Sundry, Kansas City
Topic: Pinterest
SpeakerAngela Muir of Handmade in the Heartland

We generally use Pinterest as a visual search engine, and have a very little knowledge about how it should be used to benifit blogs. Well, Angela was all set to share her expertise on Pinterest. The Sundry, which is grocery store with its own kitchen, had provided us with a nice space for the workshop.

I grabbed a glass of ice-tea and joined my fellow blogger upstairs at the workshop area. We were handed print-outs with points that would be discussed in Angela's presentation.

The presentation included tips to make our Pinterest accounts popular, how to create good pins, pinning tools, what and when to pin. I was amazed to know how this thing works. As always it was followed by an interactive question and answer session.

All the information was so helpful. A month back I wasn't even on Pinterest (call me pre-historic for that) and when I finally joined no wonder I didn't know what to do about it. But now I do, thanks to Angela and Blog Talk KC. I would definitely implement what I learnt in the coming days.

I really look forward to future workshops. as I know there is no end to learning. And it is always amazing to meet like-minded people and share thoughts.


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