Recap of 'But I Can't Give up Cheese'

That Friday was a little different from the regular weekend parties or events that we attend. On August 25th, we were at 'But I Can't Give up Cheese' event presented by Voice for Animals - Kansas City and VegLife Kansas City, showcasing a wide variety plant-based/vegan cheese. So, what were doing at a Vegan event, although we are not vegans? Well as a foodie and a food-blogger I am open to all kinds of food. And I am interested in being aware of anything related to food. Another reason for being a part of this event was my readers. I know that a certain amount of people who visit my blog are vegans, or trying to be. They often look for vegan alternatives in the recipes. Therefore, I wanted this event to be a learning experience for me, which I could share with you all in future.

Apart from all that was said above, who doesn't like cheese? Especially when it's kind of guilt-free as it is plant-based. And this event had a broader sense than just being for the Vegans, as the knowledge of plant-based cheese would also help people who are lactose intolerant and often look for dairy-free options. And to top it all there was wine and beer to make the evening merrier.

The event was held at the beautiful venue of Berg Event Space, Kansas City. We checked in and settled down with some chardonnay and grabbed a few bites from the nice spread of veggies, hummus, crackers, fresh fruits and nuts to start with.

Then the cheese based samples kept coming to the table.

Here are a some them of which we took photos of, while others we simply devoured.

The Italian skewer had cherry tomatoes, black olives, Chao cheese, with balsamic glaze and shredded Parmesan.

Then there were grape skewers with cheddar cheese.

There were also a variety of bruschettas. We loved the one with fresh apples and strawberries (in the photo below).

All the sample were cheese based. Some had coconut milk and some cashews as their base. We were simply amazed by the variety of plant based cheese.

After the cold ones it was time for some warm and gooey samples. And you simply can't skip the American staple mac and cheese when you are talking about warm cheese items. So came mac and cheese.

And the delicious quesadillas.

Every kind of cheese was excellently incorporated into the small bite that were served. And the samples never stopped coming till we were literally full with all the food and wine. And we didn't miss desserts too. There were some yummy vegan brownies with marshmallows.

I had never tasted plant based cheese before and was surprised how it actually tastes like the regular ones. They are creamy and hearty with very nice flavor. For people who are trying hard to give up cheese must try the vegan options. I am sure they won'r regret it.

It was great Friday evening where we made a few new friends and had a great time enjoying good food, beautiful venue and finally tapping our foot to some good music to end the excellent event. We are glad and thankful to our host for letting us be be a part of this wonderful evening.

To know more about such events in and around Kansas City make sure you follow Voice for Animals - Kansas City and VegLife Kansas City on Facebook.

Breather Bounty was a blogging partner for this event.

Photographs by Swakshar Ghosh.


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