July 4th Weekend... Smoky KC Blues... @ BB's Lawnside BBQ

If you love the smell of all things grilled and you happen to live in a city famous for its barbeque scene, you can not afford to miss out on any chance of celebrating your smoky affair. We have done it in the past at Kansas City's bbq big names like Oklahoma Joe's, Woodyard BBQ, LC's Bar-B-Q, and it was time to do it again. This time it was at BB's Lawnside BBQ. My love for Anthony Bourdain was enough reason to visit this joint, then Guy Fieri got added to its visitor's list, and to top all of that it was July 4th weekend.

As we parked our car in the almost full parking lot we could hear some strings and drums come together. That reminded us what BB's stands for "where BBQ meets the Blues".

The complexion and texture of the decor glorifies the marriage of BBQ and Blues. The figures painted in bright colours all over the walls speak of BB's twenty five year old tradition of celebrating food and music.

The menu offers traditional BBQ items with some special delicacies from the Cajun kitchen. When you are visiting any joint for the first time you either feel confused about what to order or you feel like tasting everything. In both the cases the combo platters are a great savior. So, the BB's King Combo seemed to be the perfect choice. The band started on with their first song while we ordered our food and played on, as we waited and ate.

The King's combo was spot on. It had four ribs, pulled pork, Italian sausage, pit beans, batter fries and it came with bread and pickles. The quantity was more than enough for two.

The ribs were perfectly charred and smoked. The pulled pork was tender and full of flavour. The sausage was a real surprise with all its spicy goodness. The batter fries are basically thick wedges of potatoes fried in a batter. They were crispy outside and soft inside, a savoury treat in itself. The pit beans on the side complimented the whole platter. The BBQ sauce was a bit on the sweeter side for my taste but had the flavours alright.

The value for money food, the soothing musical ambiance, and the arousing aroma from the smoke and grill made the evening wondrous.


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